Eminence Adds a 10" Closed-back Midrange Driver to the American Standard Series.

Eminence Speaker LLC proudly introduces a 10" closed-back midrange version of their popular Beta 10A, the Beta 10CBMRA. Beta 10CBMRANo other line of professional audio loudspeakers offers more value with performance than the American Standard series, and the Beta 10CBMRA is no exception. With its economical stamped steel, closed-back chassis, the Beta 10CBMRA offers versatility by eliminating the need for separate sub-enclosures. A usable frequency range of 300Hz to 4kHz combined with 200 watts continuous power handling makes the Beta 10CBMRA a perfect midrange driver for high-power pro audio cabinets, or high-power/high SPL car stereo applications. "Using carefully selected components encompassed in a sealed basket, the Beta10CBMRA integrates effortlessly in to nearly any car or pro audio system." explains Matt Marcum, Design Engineer at Eminence. "With cabinet independence along with its optimized response and performance capabilities, system incorporation couldn"t be more simplified." See more product details here.