Timmy Armstrong

"Inside us all hides a song, a story that has yet to be told. A memory sparks an idea and soon the beast is allowed to grow. The tubes begin to glow and soon the speakers set the tone. Eminence speakers are the only speakers that can uncage the beast, yet remain smooth enough to soothe the soul." - Timmy Armstrong Timmy Armstrong's love for music began early on, listening to his grandfather play country and gospel tunes at the kitchen table. At age 7, Timmy began his own journey in music, studying the guitar. From this point forward, Timmy made it a point to soak up all the information and advice he could about music and guitar playing. Timmy lists friend and mentor, Boscoe France, as his most notable teacher. Timmy credits his grandfather for introducing him to music, and Boscoe for refining his skills on the guitar. As the lead guitarist for the heavy hitting band, Fighting Fate, Timmy Armstrong is no stranger to mainstage stardom. Fighting Fate has shared the stage with such names as Nothing More, BuckCherry, Pop Evil, Puddle of Mudd, Trapt, The Veer Union, and Saving Abel. The future is wide open as opportunities continue to mount on the horizon; the beast continues to grow.