The Worx

"The 10" Eminence speakers that I put in the horn loaded Merlins KILL. They have a much better range and efficiency then the speakers that came with the cabinets. We did an outdoor gig in Richmond, VA. for about 5,000 with four triple 18" Merlin bottoms and four double 10" Merlin full range. Two of the Merlins had other company's 10's and two had the Eminence 10's. Big, Big, difference. The Eminence had no distortion and had clarity that far surpassed the other. In the Merlin application, the Eminence excels and improved the output by 25 to 30 dB cleanly. That's outstanding as far as we can summarize. Once again I'm amazed." - Steve Pruseak, The Worx The Worx is a unique combination of five talented and versatile musicians that consistently please a wide range of audiences due to their enormous variety of musical repertoire and influences. Although, most bands are typecast into narrow classifications, The Worx stands apart in a class of their own. Each member brings their own musical experiences, preferences and tastes to the table, creating an experience guaranteed to satisfy any audience. Regardless of the style of music your establishment or function may require, The Worx will entertain your audience with an exciting and professional show that includes accurate covers and original material performed with crowd engaging enthusiasm. Besides being musically versatile, The Worx is a visually exciting band. They have also been hired to star in local TV commercials and advertisements due to their appeal and popularity. The Worx is not just another band. The five members are consummate musicians, dedicated to perfecting their craft. This means each exciting show is being presented by professionals giving their very best_ and enjoying themselves as well as their audience. Dont jeopardize the reputation of your establishment or function by settling for less than the best. Get The Worx!