Down Stroke

Down Stroke was formed in the fall of 2006 in Chattanooga, Tennessee where all of the members still reside. Shortly after arriving on the scene, they began their ascent to the top of the club ranks by taking every audience by storm with their combination of good music, looks and their own brand of humor. While aiming to produce a heavy sound, Down Stroke strikes the delicate balance between being a hard rock driven band and still being girl friendly. Describing the delicate balance, bassist Jimmy Mullin says, The band has an edge for guys and abs for girls.

This is a band that actually loves what they do and creates an atmosphere that can make an audience forget their troubles. When describing the bands live show, front man Justin Rogers says, I like to do a show with the audience not at the audience.

Touring anywhere from the hot summer sun of Key West, Florida to the cold winter snow of Fort Wayne, Indiana and everywhere in between, Down Stroke is a band not to be missed. Quickly generating a devoted following with every show they play_Down Stroke has proven they are here to stay!