Danny Morris

Danny Morris took the blues to the beach. But while strolling the shoreline, the former Nighthawk guitarist picked up a few more genres. Morris incorporates some ska, jazz, flamenco, samba, and '50s rock into his surf-rock sound. Morris developed his R&B chops in Greensboro in the '80s. Then in 1990 he joined the "World's Best Bar Band" The Nighthawks based in Washington, DC. Band leader, and world renowned harmonica player Mark Wenner, had been looking for a guitarist to replace original guitarist Jimmy Thackery, who left in 1987. In 1993 The Nighthawks recorded one of their stellar live performances and the result was the critically acclaimed CD "Rock This House" which features Danny's amazing guitar virtuosity ranging from blues, funk, jazz, and rockabilly. The CD was the follow up for the 1991 release TROUBLE. In 1995, Morris decided that he needed more hang time and went out on his own band. The guitarist started his namesake band as a side-project while still with the Hawks, playing around the Virginia/DC area whenever he had time off. The trio was already stretching out from straight-ahead blues. He released his first album in 1996. I Won't Worry was a mix of surf, jazz and old-school rock and roll. Two years later, he came out with Storm Surge, pushing the envelope even further, bringing onboard a couple of Cuban mixes to add to his now-familiar fusion of blues and surf. Both received high praises from music critics and fans alike.His 2001 release, The Golden Prize, mixes ska ("No One Knows Virginia"), samba ("You're Mine," "Our Moon") and '50s era rock ("Twistin Kristin") with surf classics like "I Only Have Eyes For You" and "Pipeline". Morris even throws in a little soft-core punk with "All I Think About. The Beatles get a turn in "Please, Please Me" done as an instrumental with Dick Dale flourishes. Morris finally gets down and dirty with some nasty blues on the closer, "Stop Teasin' Me, ripping off some pretty tasty, nasty, greasy Texas-style slide with Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers while sax man Jimmy Carpenter blows a sack full of back alley bump and grind. Phil Dirt of Reverb Central says, Surf instros lay side by side with soft blues and roots music, and the combo works well. The Danny Morris Band has found a groove that transcends several genre boundaries in a natural and friendly way. An excellent album, especially the opening instro "Flight School, Danny can play guitar!" In 2002, Danny moved to Orlando, Florida to learn the ins and outs of recording studio technology at Full Sail College. In 2003, he earned a degree in Audio Engineering, receiving top honors in several courses, including earning a Pro Tools Certification specializing in audio post-production. Upon graduation Danny worked at Orlandos Sound-O-Rama post-production studio where his main duties were audio editing, sound design and music composition, among others. But late in 2003, the lure of music and travel were calling again. Now based in the small wave capitol of the east coast, Danny and the band are steadily performing and touring once again throughout the US, Canada and Caribbean. Playing venues of all sorts; from The Marie Becker Longboard Surf Contest in New Jersey; to The Dinosaur BBQ and Blues Club in New York; to The Green Parrot in Key West; to The Hull Bay Surf Club in St. Thomas, Danny plays to a loyal and dedicated fan base that is excited and eager to catch the band whenever possible. In 2005 Danny released a LIVE DVD, recorded, engineered, mixed and produced by Danny; capturing the exciting and blistering live performances of the band in a local Florida venue. And, in July 2008, Danny released the new Look What You Did! featuring many fan favorites such like The Rubber Band Song, Look What You Did!, The Condo Song and We Real Cool. Fans can check 'em out online at the bands website www.dannymorrisband.com. Danny endorses Eminence Guitar Speakers and continues to follow his passions of music, surfing and recording; and also works as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI-I) in Florida. In 2010, the band was honored when asked to perform for our troops in Kuwait and Baghdad. The 10-day tour was a great experience! With veteran musicians Mike Tolnay on bass and Frank Hetlzer on drums, the band is more rockin than ever and Danny is poised to be THE guitarists guitarist and performers performer youll want to hip yourself to.