7eventh Time Down

The best songs are those that are heard when we need them most the ones that become lifelines of truth in the midst of uncertainty.  The constant stream of stories from fans remind all four band members - Howard (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Cliff Williams (bass), Eric Van Zant (lead guitar) and Austin Miller (drums) of the power of a song to impact lives. For the Kentucky-bred foursome who grew up playing music together, its a privilege to get to steward songs that hopefully provide a positive impact. We write about living and what inspires us because Christians are real people.

"As believers, God will inspire you. Its going to be the biggest part of who you are. That doesn't mean at times you're not going to write a song thats reflective of who you used to be. Were just southern dudes who've got dirty pasts just like all the other people who have come to know God."

The longtime friends are quick to admit that while brokenness is a part of every believers life, its important to not remain in a place of guilt and shame. The band isn't interested in pity parties. Instead, they choose to celebrate redemption through their music. We only touch on a little bit of the brokenness because we feel like that part of our story is the smallest part, Howard shares. We focus on what God has done in us through His son Jesus and the cross_ We quickly get to the bigger part of the story, the resurrection part, and thats what our focus is as a ministry, life, resurrection, joy.