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Eminence Dongguan

Eminence Dongguan

For over 50 years, Eminence loudspeakers have been the brand of choice in audio systems, musical instrument amplifiers, and enclosures throughout the world. From your local VFW Hall, Moose Lodge and church, to aircraft carriers, NFL and Soccer league stadiums, NBA and NCAA arenas, and on the road with today's greatest artists, no other loudspeaker brand has been so widely depended upon for performance and reliability. Today, manufacturers in these industries live in a world of global manufacturing and marketing. To remain competitive, you must manufacture your products in locations that provide exceptional pricing on labor and components, and that are logistically situated for shipping your products efficiently.

Finished Systems

In addition to our Eminence, KY facility, the Eminence Dongguan factory is an integral part of our expansion into the global world of manufacturing. It began as our effort to provide our customers with a respected brand of quality loudspeakers in China. With the St. Louis Design Center and our Eminence Dongguan Cabinet Shop, Eminence can also provide manufacturers with complete design and manufacturing of your guitar and bass amplifiers, and professional audio enclosures. You've come to trust Eminence for quality loudspeakers. You can also trust Eminence to take your complete product from concept to market. From communication, state-of-the-art design, quality, delivery, and support after the sale, Eminence is now your complete manufacturing solution. As always, if one of our stock models does not meet your needs, Eminence remains the leader in custom manufactured loudspeakers, and will be happy to entertain most any sample request.

The Eminence Dongguan Team

Speaker Assembly Department

Motor Assembly
StakingIn this area, we assemble basket/topplate assemblies, magnets and t-yokes.
Steel baskets and topplates are connected securely by a hydraulic press which spreads extrudes on the topplates which have been inserted through holes in the basket.
Cone Punch
Just like in our KY factory, cones are purchased from suppliers with a small VCID and punched to precise dimensions with custom tooling for the ideal fit to the coil and spider.
Final Assembly Department
Final Assembly
Our speaker assembly line in Dongguan is a duplicate of our lines in Kentucky so we can use the same assembly process that has been tried and proven since 1966.
Drying area
Each speaker is tested for rub & buzz and polarity at the end of the final assembly line. If there are any problems with the assembly process, they can be detected and corrected immediately. After the end of line tests, they are stored for at least 12 hours to ensure that all the water-based adhesives are dry before frequency response testing is done.
Speaker Clio/LMS Test Area
Every speaker produced by Eminence Dongguan is tested for proper frequency response using LMS or Clio.

Cabinet Shop

Wood Storage
Here is where cabinet production begins. We use high quality plywood, mdf, and particle board as specified by the customer. All woods used at Eminence Dongguan are CARB compliant.
Wood Cutting
Since cabinet production began at Eminence Dongguan in early 2009, the first stage of production is precutting wood panels using a precision Taiwanese CNC beam saw which can cut up to 4 sheets of plywood simultaneously.
Baffle boards and other panels with curves or other complex shapes are cut using a precision 2-station Taiwanese CNC router.
Cabinet Assembly
The pre-cut panels are assembled by skilled workers in the cabinet assembly department.
Each assembled cabinet is sanded with high capacity belt sander, corners and edges routed to shape, and finish sanded by hand. Cabinet assemblies which are to be painted must have filler applied to all nail holes and sanded again in several stages until the finish is perfect.
Skilled workers use time-proven methods to cover the cabinets in vinyl, carpet or paint as specified by the customer. Our methods aren't the fastest, but the quality is unrivaled.
Final Assembly
Final Assembly

Speakers, electronics, handles, corners, etc are added to the cabinet in the final assembly department.

Every cabinet is visual inspected and subjected to audio testing according to customer requirements.
Finished products which pass all OQC tests are packed according to customer requirements and sent to the warehouse to await shipment.


Raw materials purchased for use in products for export are stored here.

Raw materials purchased for use in products for domestic sale in the PRC are stored here.

Warehouse Management
Office for warehouse management personnel.

Anechoic Chamber

Eminence Dongguan's anechoic chamber which has been tailored to match the response of our chamber in Kentucky.


Finished goods are stored here awaiting the truck or container.


Eminence DongguanPurchasing, Human Resources, IT, and Production management.


Eminence Dongguan engineering support department.

Quality Control

Oversight of IQC, OQC, and IPQC are managed from here.

Power Test Facility

Speakers and systems can be power tested here with a variety of input signals and power levels as appropriate for each product.

Temperature controlled glue warehouse

The temperature and humidity in Dongguan can be extreme, so this climate controlled warehouse for adhesives ensures their performance is consistent throughout their shelf life.