Pete Anderson talks about his favorite speaker, the Cannabis Rex.

Pete AndersonWhat I wanted to talk to you briefly about today was the Cannabis Rex speaker, being made by Eminence. It's the non-smokable version. So I don't want you to think that if you get into a bind you can roll up your speaker and smoke it. But it does sound odd, and it sounded odd to me many years ago when people were talking about hemp and things of that nature, but I wanted to testify a little bit on this speaker because my career early on was really based on Electro-Voice speakers and a very clean sound when I was playing a lot of country music, and I've switched over to a little bit more browner sound, a lot more blues and using a different instrument, my signature guitar by Reverend. Just a different sound for me, and I tried out these speakers. Cannabis RexCobi Stein sent one over for me to try out and I A/B'd it with some other stuff I was using. And I must say I was really impressed. Most of the time, my thing is you really don't want to notice the speaker, that was my mode of operation. And if you do notice it, you should notice it in a good way and not in a bad way. Most of the time, in my case, I would notice a speaker in a bad way and not like it. And hence the EV's were like a clear window to the public. But this speaker has been an amazing adjustment for me in listening to speakers and how they respond and react. And I must say, from the speaker that was in this before which will go unnamed, the response this speaker seems to have, the only way I can describe it is that from ground-zero, the bottom of the tone to the top of the tone is just a complete and even climb to where the tone dies off at the top. So there's no spike, there's no bump of any kind that I perceive in these speakers, for me. And that was the biggest difference. So it was like actually a controllable window that I enjoyed, having my sound flow through to the public and to the listener. So it's just a pleasing, kind of a clear speaker that doesn't color your sound, doesn't hype your sound, but anything that it would add to the sound, it seemed to be very even and responsive. "Cannabis! Don't smoke it, play it!" Check out Pete at the following links: