Eminence Eyes the Future with Engineering Appointment.

A leading supplier of loudspeakers and high frequency devices since 1966, Eminence today announced the appointment of Courtney F. Morgan, Ph.D. as Research and Innovation Leader. Morgan has a Bachelor"s degree in Chemistry from the University of Georgia and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Emory University in Atlanta. His post doctoral research focused on nuclear magnetic resonance at the University of California Santa Cruz. Over the last 28 years Courtney has become an authority in research, design, process development, quality control, statistics, and electromagnetic radiation. His expertise in these areas will play a vital role in the company"s endeavor to advance current loudspeaker technology through radical product innovation. We"re thrilled to welcome Courtney into the Eminence family." said Rob Gault, Chairman, Eminence Speaker. He shares our values and our commitment to excellence as well as our focus on quality. Courtney"sinfectious enthusiasm andproven track record of leading-edge product innovation make him the perfect addition to an already talented team." I am truly grateful for the opportunity to join the Eminence family." said Morgan. I have always loved music and the physics and craftsmanship that support dedicated audio engineers and musicians. Eminence embraces both aspects in delivering valuable products and service. I want to contribute to the future at Eminence and appreciate the history here." Morgan can be reached for comment at courtney.morgan@eminence.com.