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16-Ohm 10-Inch Guitar Speakers

In response to many requests, Eminence is proud to announce the release of 16-ohm versions of two popular 10” inch guitar speakers, the Ragin Cajun, and the GA10-SC64.

Like its 8-ohm sibling, the 16-ohm Ragin Cajun™ is a very loud replacement guitar speaker with a touch-sensitive response and a nice bell-sounding top end with a bit of bite perfect for American Rock, Blues, and Country.

Tones of 1964 still ring true in the 16-ohm version of the vintage-voiced 10-inch speaker designed with amp guru George Alessandro. This ceramic 10-inch speaker offers a tight, punchy tone with a nice warmth, richness, and sparkling highs making it very balanced with a dynamic character. The GA10-SC64-16 features a vintage American ceramic magnet design approved by legendary amp builder George Alessandro with a tight, punchy tone with warmth, richness, and sparkling highs.

Adding these two 16-ohm 10 inch guitar speakers to the Eminence line will give guitarists who prefer the tight sound of 10-inch speakers more options for impedance matching with their amps.